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Ignite your business with cutting-edge solutions

Transform your organization, drive growth. Discover the power of emerging technologies.

What is holding your team back?

Is cloud adoption revealing skills gaps?

Are hybrid- or multi-cloud operations redundant? 

Are dynamic apps overprovisioned because no one right-sizes them?

Are complex environments creating governance and risk concerns?

Are manual processes still in place rather than automation?

Are unplanned outages interfering with timelines?

Are non-essential services tying up valuable resources?

Master Efficiency to Deliver Strategic Value

Lowering costs and saving time are critical to reducing technical debt and delivering the services that support your organization's innovation initiatives.

Accelerate Services

Respond quickly to digital transformation initiatives to support innovation by delivering services on time and on budget.

Reduce Waste

Reduce wasted time and financial resources to add headcount or accelerate projects that were delayed because of budgetary constraints.

Energize Your Team

Attract and retain the best and brightest, then apply their knowledge to career-developing challenges.

What Does A-VAR Do?

In addition to tools that centralize and standardize controls, we leverage technologies built on AI & Machine Learning to take complex, mundane, or impossible tasks off the shoulders of people.

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We focus on the best in today's storage offerings for the datacenter, edge, and the cloud.

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From Day Zero deployments in any cloud, on-prem, or the edge, through automated runtime resource optimization, we ensure Kubernetes enables your AppDev teams.

cloud costs

Cost Optimization

Controlling costs in the cloud is difficult, but the right tools make it simple, effective, and automatic.

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Managed Services

Mission-critical apps are the ideal place to apply your best talent. For services that are not differentiating your organization, save time and money with SLA-backed services.

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We deliver turnkey edge virtualization and K8s solutions with centralized management and no-touch deployment.

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We deliver and manage virtualization platforms from the datacenter out to the edge with a single pane of glass.

How Do I Get Started?

Schedule a Meeting

Our team will guide you through a discovery session and introduce your team to A-VAR and the technologies that can deliver benefits quickly.

Make a Plan

This is where we get into more formal data collection, assessments, and pilots. We will provide a clear path to value for each solution.

Deliver Results

We work with your team on planning, implementation, and training; everything your team needs to operationalize new tech and start saving time and money.

About Us

After years of first-hand experience with technology teams' challenges with "doing more with less," Frank Shepherd and Tofor Wright established A-VAR in 2021. Digital Transformation has only exacerbated the issue of insufficient resources to handle the work, especially given dynamics of constantly-changing applications. It has been an honor to assist numerous clients by adopting autonomic and no-ops technologies that crush technical debt, streamline operations, and allow them to focus on innovation.

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