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Emerging Technologies Supporting Rapid Innovation: A-VAR delivers emerging technologies that deliver value quickly and minimize the effects of staff discontinuity to help teams innovate faster and more securely.

Technology should create a strategic advantage for your organization by lowering costs, reducing technical debt, or accelerating innovation- preferably all three.


At A-VAR we search out and deliver those technologies that are gaining traction in the market-- technologies which may not yet may have reached the point of popularity where the larger, incumbent resellers are focusing on them and selling them to everyone- including your competition.


emerging, impactful technology


developer-ready environments

The speed and success of Digital Transformation (DX) initiatives depend largely on rapid innovation cycles and platforms that align closely with developers' needs. Kubernetes (K8s) delivers the application scale, flexibility, and portability to meet these demands. Unfortunately, K8s deployments themselves often fail to make it to a stable, trustworthy production state.


A-VAR provides solutions, training, and services that help pull K8s deployments out of the ditch. That way your developers can get on with developing, and DX can get up to speed.

Kubernetes (K8s) is well-known for its flexibility and scalability. It's also becoming infamous for its complexity and cost. Multiple variables within multi-service applications create tens of thousands of configuration permutations. Optimizing for cost can compromise performance-- or stability. Conversely, optimizing for performance can often lead to costly overprovisioning.


A-VAR delivers solutions and services that apply Machine Learning (ML) to iterate through thousands of configurations, tuning your applications for the desired outcome and avoiding the stability, performance, and cost headaches of a best-guess production environment.


kubernetes optimization

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