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The market is heating up.

Product development cycles are faster than ever. Competitors' offerings are more mature at an earlier stage than in the past.

Innovation is paramount.

Unfortunately, organizations often struggle to innovate at speed. Why?

Time to Innovate


•    DevOps: With plentiful open-source and freemium software options, developers can test and adopt new technology more quickly and more frequently. 

•    I.T.: Facing greater costs and implementation complexities, I.T. often takes a more conservative approach, focused on uptime SLAs.

This differential in adoption styles and speeds has created an "innovation-readiness gap" which plays a key role in slow digital transformation speeds. In today's market, those who can close the innovation-readiness gap transform and innovate faster to compete more effectively.


A-VAR Solution Approach

We are a trusted advisor to our clients who recognize this gap and are trying to close it.


We believe that technology should create a strategic advantage by helping both dev and I.T. find solutions that propel them forward.

We focus on those emerging technologies that provide the most benefit with the least amount of technical debt.


Our offerings, which cover Kubernetes, Infrastructure, DevOps, and Observability are further differentiated by their machine learning (ML) foundations.

How Can We Help?

We assess and enable our clients as they undertake the digital transformation journey:

· How can we help our customers' smartest people work on the most impactful projects?

· How can we help their newest hires become effective more quickly?

· How can we help simplify operations?


Where are you today?
Where are you trying to go?
What is standing in your way?

A-VAR Team Background

A-VAR's founders have had a proven track record of success in the emerging technology space for a combined 40-plus years, and understand the competitive advantages of a first-mover approach, while being sensitive to the reservations around operationalizing solutions that have not been sitting at the top-right of magic quadrants for several years.

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