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The "Holy Grail" of Observability:
Incident Prediction

What if your SRE and Support teams could move from reactive to proactive by leveraging all your observability data to PREDICT what's happening BEFORE it happens?


InsightFinder enhances your current observability tools with incident prediction and event correlation.

Don't settle for the same outcomes as everyone else.

It's time to reduce downtime and embrace
proactive incident management.

Better Reaction Times Still Mean "Outages"

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​​How do your Customer Support and SRE teams keep up with the pace of new features, incomplete documentation, and dynamic, complex cloud-native application architectures?

More staff?

More metrics?

More logs?
More alerts?

More traces?

Unfortunately, as many people are finding out, none of that is helping your team
prevent outages.

Reactive >>> Proactive:

InsightFinder leverages real-time observability platform data to deliver incident predictions hours ahead of time.


It continuously learns from raw logs, metrics, and application performance traces through its patented self-tuning unsupervised machine learning, enabling it to localize root causes and predict incidents directly from the source.

Learn more about Incident Prediction with InsightFinder

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