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Your Quickest, Easiest Win in the Cloud

Undertaking a Cloud migration is a considerable investment, and in most cases, the costs end up surpassing the initial budget.

Lucidity ensures that your block storage in Azure and AWS is optimized at all times, minimizing the financial and operational challenges of Cloud migration.

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What if you DON'T get around to right-sizing block storage?

Running out of capacity during surges creates down time

Low disk capacity utilization wastes money

And even if you DO get around to it...

Online expansions require manual intervention

Shrinking capacity requires down time

No-Ops for Cloud Storage

No-Ops with Lucidity automates cloud storage resizing, enabling DevOps teams to focus on value-add work like contributing to the company's mission.

Get Started Today for Free

An initial audit of your block storage in the cloud is the first step with Lucidity.

It will provide details about utilization, waste, and downtime avoidance.

It's fast, easy, and secure.

Overall Disk Spend

Get a clear picture of current disk costs, and see where you can save 60% or more.

Disk Wastage

Find those idle and overprovisioned volumes that are expensive and adding no value.

Disk Downtime Risk

Steer clear of downtime and associated client and reuptational loss by finding at-risk volumes early.

Learn more about NoOps block storage management

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