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Our Partners

A-VAR chooses partners that deliver high-impact change quickly, with limited re-configuration or risk. From on-prem storage to Kubernetes cluster management, our solutions are meant to offload work that delivers limited differentiation, so your team can focus on the meaningful, differentiating work that moves your mission forward. Click on each vendor's logo to learn more.

CPNET uses the digital power of AI to help factories unlock untapped physical capacity of their production lines, at a fraction of replacement cost

Zetaris is a networked data platform that offers the "AI-powered lakehouse." They help enterprises struggling with data silos, discovery, preparation, and organization to effectively leverage all their data assets for humans and AI applications.

VAST Data logo

VAST Data enables storage-as-a-platform with the most versatile, cost-effective storage at scale for file (NFS/SMB), object (S3), or container (CSI).


Cloudhouse makes it possible to migrate legacy applications from unsupported Windows versions to supported ones without refactoring, re-coding, or replacing them.

Quaeris transforms organizations by putting user-friendly, natural language analytics in the hands of more employees, faster. With powerful collaboration features, Quaeris fills the gaps created by more cumbersome BI and reporting platforms.

Hammerspace facilitates global data access across existing or new storage platforms, unifying all data into a single accessible namespace, and automating global data orchestration to effortlessly overcome data gravity, from the edge to the cloud.

Spectro cloud horizontal logo_2x_on_light_bg.png

Spectro Cloud delivers Day 2 Kubernetes-as-a-Service, with stability, consistency, and speed from the cloud to the data center and the edge.

Secondary logo (Black and Lime).png

Lucidity continuously and automatically right-sizes block storage in AWS and Azure.

Tintri logo

Tintri makes the simplest storage in the world for virtualized workloads running on VMware.

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